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Selling On DealAmaze

Order Management

Basics of Order Management
Introducing New Inventory Health Tab

We are introducing the new Inventory Health Tab under My Listings where you can find comprehensive details of your inventory in a single view.

How do I dispatch and track my orders?

You will have to mark the packed orders as "Ready to dispatch" in the seller dashboard and handover them to our logistics partner.

How should i pack my orders?

Better packaging of your products will create good impression on customers and ensure excellent customer experience. It's very important to adhere to the DealAmaze packaging guidelines and avoid returns due to damages.

Effectively managing orders
How To Add Logistics Settings?

In Order to Add Multiple Warehouse or Pickup Location, you need to add your warehouse address 1st under "Master Module -> Warehouse -> Add New Warehouse". Once you added the Warehouse you can select it against the each product for Direct Pickup.

Learn to mark 'Seller Holiday'

Take a break from work and let your break do not harm to your business. You just need to opt-in "Seller Vacation Mode" from Settings so that catalog listing will be disable for time being & you can Enjoy holidays.

Learn How to download Manifest

This is important for you as dispatch is an essential aspect of sales. You Can Download the manifest from Menu Tab "Active Orders -> To Handover -> Select Orders -> Print Manifest".

What are the packaging guidelines?

Better packaging of your products will create good impression on customers and ensure excellent customer experience. It's very important to adhere to the DealAmaze packaging guidelines and avoid returns due to damages.

Is Selfship is availale?

Selfship is currently unavailable on DealAmaze and we are working on it. We will notify once we are ready with this feature.

Returns Management

Basics of Returns
Returns as an Opportunity to Win Customer Trust?

Online business contributes to 5-8% of the total retail business in India and presents you with a tremendous growth opportunity. Returns are viewed as a business cost to win the customer’s trust. Our return policy is very simple and involves just three simple steps: Sales Enabler with Repeat Purchases A friendly returns policy helps build trust and promotes goodwill. This leads to repeated purchases by customers as seen in multiple analyses. How Do We Help? It is understood that returns are inconvenient, however, in order to manage your returns better, you need to come up with a comprehensive return policy. Maintain Low Return Rates Goods like clothing, shoes, and jewellery have a global return rate of 25% whereas, DealAmaze’s average return rate is a measly 10%.Products like electronics, home decor items, etc. have a return rate of 5 to 15% globally whereas, we have maintained it at about 2-5%. Returns are definitely a real challenge for the online industry, however, those who have embrace

How to Seal the Deal?

To ensure customer retention and growth, it is important to know how to deal with returns and turn them into opportunities. Although returns may appear like a hassle, they can sometimes prove to be an opportunity to make additional sales.

Understanding Returns as an opportunity.

DealAmaze’s Return Policy ensures a win-win situation for you and the customer.

How can i reduce my returns?

Have you been experiencing growing returns? If yes, we’re here to help you lower your volume of returns. Get in touch with our help desk and will help you minimize your return hassles.

Returns Dashboard
Return Management: How to use the Returns Dashboard.

This tutorial will give you a detailed information on Returns Dashboard. How to navigate the Returns Dashboard, track your return shipments and know completed returns.

Seller Protection Fund

Payments & Settlements

Different scenarios of payments
Dashboard Navigation
Basics of Payment

Registration & Onboarding

Registration Process
Why am I not being able to upload the documents?

This may be be due to any of the following reasons: Image size is too large GST or Aadhaar number already used by any other account Image Format is not Jpeg or PDF

Why am I not able to complete my Registration OR Why am I not getting option to save and submit ?

Refresh the page and clear the cache. Also please make sure that you do not use any special character in business description. Note: ‘ Save for later’ option is not available

Basics of E-commerce

Metrics & Insights

Report center

Advertise with DealAmaze

Introduction to Advertising
Create a campaign
SmartROI Campaign
Edit an Ad Campaign
Track & Optimise Campaigns
Top Questions
Payments/Free Credits

Goods and Services Tax

Basics of GST
Changes in Listings
Onboarding changes
Tax Calculation
Products in demand

Seller Protection Fund (SPF)

I want to claim Seller Protection Fund (SPF)
SPF Claim Status
File a TDS claim
Partial / Part / Lesser SPF Payment
Damaged Return / Lost Shipment

Listing & Cataloguing

Listing your products
Updating price & stock
Image Guidelines
Brand Authorization